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Please answer a few questions about your company so that LawRoom can provide tailored answers that comply with California and federal law.

LawRoom invested thousands of hours to bring you the most comprehensive, integrated employment law on the Internet. Our Memo library is the heart of LawRoom’s Knowledge Management System, which answers over 6,000 employment law questions ... instantly and in writing.

Memos were researched and written by LawRoom's team of lawyers. And, we constantly update our Memo library to reflect the most recent changes in the law. This way, we can provide you with the most accurate and current information.

Each Memo is 4-6 pages long, written in plain English, and contains:

  • examples to help you interpret the law,
  • supporting legal citations, and
  • links to other Memos or Forms on related issues.

Plus, LawRoom is the only resource that provides answers tailored to your business based on the company profile you build when you become a member. For California employers, we provide an answer that complies with both the state and federal law. For employers in other states, we tailor the answer to your company based on federal law only. Learn more about the libraries at

LawRoom’s Form library is one of the most comprehensive libraries available. There are over 400 forms, policies, notices, checklists, and contracts that are easy to find and apply to hundreds of workplace situations. Plus, the forms are linked to other related forms and memos to give you a more complete solution. The forms are in Word format, which makes them easy to modify for your specific purpose.

Each membership comes with a certain number of users. Each user has concurrent access to all of the features for the particular type of membership. Users can access LawRoom from any computer by entering their Login-ID or Password. So, whether at the office, home, or on the road, users have instant access to LawRoom.


LawRoom currently has two employment law libraries: California and National. You may access either one or both, depending on the membership you select. And, both libraries provide answers tailored to your business based on your company profile that you build when you become a member.

    California Library: For questions about employees in California, this library integrates the statutes, regulations, and case decisions from the California and Federal courts. If you only have employees in California, you only need this library because the answers automatically comply with BOTH California and federal law.

    National Library: For questions about employees in states outside California, the National library is different. It covers federal law only. So, if you have employees in New York and want an answer on overtime, exemptions, or other wage and hour matters, the Memo only discusses the Fair Labor Standards Act (federal law). If you wanted an answer about family or medical leave, the Memo would discuss the Family Medical Leave Act (federal law), and so on.

    The answers are, however, tailored to your company based on your profile. For example, if you have only 20 employees, any answer you read about family or medical leave would not discuss your requirements under the FMLA regulations because the federal law does not apply to your company.


Every week, LawRoom emails the weekly update to you. It contains three different publications:

    LawAudit: Find the traps! The mini Audit contains a short workplace scenario. It identifies potential issues, which may help you avoid them.

    LawBrief: Stay up-to-date! The LawBrief contains real-world cases or new legislation on employment law. LawRoom is best at providing short, easy-to-read stories that entertain, educate, and keep you up-to-date

    LawQuiz: Test your knowledge! The LawQuiz contains short quizzes. This is LawRoom’s most popular publication. The quizzes are a fun and an easy way to expand your knowledge and keep your edge – right from your desktop. Many of our members use it as a great training tool for the organization.

And we do something no other vendor does: each publication links to Memos that discuss the issues underlying the situation you just read about. That way, you can understand how the law applies specifically to your company so that in case a similar situation occurs, you'll know how to handle it. That’s the power of LawRoom’s proprietary, integrated Knowledge Management System.


LawRoom has an electronic filing cabinet. You can save Memos, Forms, and LawBriefs in the FileRoom that you want to read or print at a later date. Plus, the FileRoom is equipped with a built-in tracking system that lets you know (with a red flag) when a Memo or Form has been revised.

You have several options for sorting documents in your FileRoom to quickly find the one you want. The default sort groups documents under the same Topic. You can also sort by:

  • date last read
  • memo, form, brief
  • Users (if you’re an administrator)
  • profile (if you have multiple company profiles)

This page displays LawRoom’s current Weekly LawAudit, LawBrief, and LawQuiz. So, if you lose or delete your email link, you can log in and read the different publications at your convenience. Learn more about these publications at the


The Account page displays the current status of your membership with LawRoom and allows you to edit user information.

    Active Users: This section displays the current users on your account. They may concurrently access LawRoom. If you have admin rights and there are empty user seats, you may add users. You can also update user information, substitute, or delete a user.

    User Privileges: Users have either admin or user only privileges. If Admin privileges, the user may (1) edit company or user information, (2) monitor the memo/form usage of other users in your company, and (3) substitute or delete users, and (4) change the company profile information. If User Only privileges, the user, may see certain information (like the company profile), but can only edit its own user information.

    Company Profile: This section displays information about your company profile. You may update your employee count at anytime. If you want to change your industry profile, you must call LawRoom. Whether it’s the employee count or industry, it's important to keep your profile current so that you will receive the correct version of the memos (answer).


Whether you're looking for an answer to a question (Find Answer page) or a form to use (Find Forms page), you can quickly find it with LawRoom's proprietary search or topic browse tools.

Search:  When you enter a question, a keyword, or a few letters, LawRoom searches through its collection of 6,000 predefined questions to find an answer (Memo) or Form that applies to your question. Or, if you want to search a specific subject, type in a single word or a few letters, and an Index will display keywords on that subject. Just click on a keyword and a sub-list of related Memos or Forms will display.

Topic Browse:  If you're not sure of the question to enter, LawRoom's exclusive topic browse allows you to look through a list of topics until you reach your specific topic. Once you arrive at the topic you think best fits your situation, you can select the Memo or Form related to the specific topic.